Creative Digital Art Projects~Elementary and Beyond

Get inspired to use photo booth, ipads, keynote, imovie, and photoshop to create digital art with students while exploring almost any subject you teach. Use these ideas to inspire creative writing, celebrate good character, or investigate healthy choices. With over a dozen projects you’ll find something to use right away.
Listen to this aRTs Roundtable podcast (20 minutes) about putting the arts into STEM to make it STEAM. Carol, Brenda, and I discuss how we would like to see the arts and STEM infused in student learning to help make connections organically, increase motivation, and encourage innovation.
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Digital art projects that challenge students to:

-Interact with graphics (click the example to link to site)
a) Make Einstein support your cause like this
b) Make Uncle Sam inspire your students like this
C) Upload photos or art to PhotoFunia for billboards, posters, art gallery FX
d) make any image into a sign using

-problem-solve collaboratively
a) See my student's video "I AM ART"
b) Watch a behind the scenes video from "Show of Hands"
Inflatable sculptures
a) Show this this youtube video of street artist, Joshua Harris
b) See my students working on the challenge of making an inflatable ghost

-Math and Art
-tessellations using Amaziograph app on iPads
-use fractions to teach portrait drawing
-use division to make a snowman sculpture

-think about healthy choices
Rene Magritte's Son of Man Spoof
Lima Bean Monster Posters
You are What you Eat- iPad lesson using Faces iMake inspired by Arcimboldo

-study nature on the iPad
-Digital Leaf Study
also view this comical collection of leaves
Find the elements of art in nature and environment See this lesson using Google art project & cameras

-put themselves into a piece of art to prompt creative writing
Christina's World View my blog post with ipad demo.
The Scream
Looking at Art (based on this piece by Norman Rockwell)
Artist Statements (high contrast photos)
FaceJack App -make student artwork talk. See this: facejack_video
Secret Superhero animation project (see this full step-by-step lesson here)
Our Wish for the World Add an artist statement into the artwork or 6 word sentence using Wordfoto app

-speak through a piece of art (using custom photo booth effects)
-George Washington "if I were president" or Facing the Facts about George Washington
-The American Gothic "talk about life during the depression" see this SNL spoof and my Spoof-o-matic too.
-The Scream "the last time I screamed was…"
-The Cat in a Hat ify your students "in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day"
Learn to make Custom Photo Booth Effects with my tutorial here.

-think about how they can make a difference in this world
Cover of Newsweek
Self portrait Wordle
iExpress Project
put yourself on money or upload art like my students did
Wish for the World with Wordfoto use this handout to get started.
Superhero silhouettes

-give a voice to the art they create to share a message with the world (using keynote)
Superhero project
The Lorax

-animate your art
illustrate a flower growing using drawing tablets and ish See second grade animations
create a running figure (alien) on iPads using the Doink App
Combine animation and green screen effects in Doink App on iPad and iMovie on Mac
collaboratively animate using iPads with the rotoscope technique
use stop motion animation with cameras (see Making Bunnies Boogie) (or the iMotion HD app)
create a time lapse of art creation (see this rotational symmetry example)

-find inspiration from a book
Don't let the pigeon...
Knufflebunny-ish photo/art collage
Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist

-combine science and art
Make a flake lesson on website
MY Flake Lesson on iPads

-Turn any image into a piece of abstract art using the Percolator App
See our Percolated Santas (inspired by Andy Warhol)
See our Percolated Monsters (inspired by the book, "Go Away Big Green Monster")

More resources:
Collaborative LIVE BINDER of tutorials for digital art projects
Creating on iPads page on my website with handouts, examples, and file to work from
Animating using Keynote tutorials and resources Try Project 1-7
Fugleflicks (student-created, art-related) movie index
My Fugleblog is searchable and filled with project ideas

Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT is a K-5 elementary art teacher at Dryden Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL with a masters in K-12 technology integration. She has been recognized for her innovative teaching in 2010 with the PBS Teachers Innovation Award, received the Illinois Teacher of the Year Award in 2011, and honored by the Golden Apple Foundation with a Teacher of Distinction award in 2012.
Her students' art has been shown in state and national art shows and featured in college art education textbooks. Her students' Fugleflicks, art-related student-created videos, have been shown in international film festivals and have won many awards including Edublog Awards in 2010 & 2011. Listen to her on the aRTs Roundtable podcast via
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