What is Art?

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See my student gallery on Artsonia.

1. Read Art is...by Bob Raczka

2. Show students the artwork of Jackson Pollack. Is this Art?
Greyed Rainbow

3. Show students this painting by Norman Rockwell, The Connnoiseur.
external image rockwell_connoisseur.jpg
Watch this clip from Daddy Daycare about looking at art here
4. Make an abstract piece of art on a tiny 7" x 4" piece of paper out of only drips of the primary colors stirred together.
Have students think about a title as they work.
5. Play this online Jackson Pollack game. It is great with an interactive board. Line up students and give them each a few seconds to contribute to one big abstract painting.
6. Have students pose as if they are looking at their own artwork and photograph them one at a time.
HINT: Use white roll paper to make a clean background for student photos so you don't waste printer ink.
HINT: If you plan to make this a digital project, use green screen behind your students so that you can easily erase the background.
7. When the little abstract painting is dry, glue it into this template.

and fill in the "Museum Label" with the artist's name and title of the piece.
8. Print photo, use volunteers to help cut them out, and glue them into the foreground of the painting.
9. Try putting the collage together digitally. Watch this tutorial:

10. Celebrate by watching "I Am Art", a Fugleflick made for Kindergartners to introduce what art can look like:

I AM ART from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.